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Baden-Powell, Robert (1857-1941)  (Art.-No.: 10035 ) 

album page, 3.75x6, 
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English general, youth leader, and Boer War hero; wrote military manual 'Aids to Scouting' 1899; held Mafeking during 217-day siege by Boers 1899-1900; established Cavalry School at Netheravon, Wiltshire 1904; opened experimental youth camp on Brownlea Island off Poole, Dorset 1907; founded British Boy Scouts 1908; wrote handbook 'Scouting for Boys' 1908; with Agnes Baden-Powell, co-founded British Girl Guides 1910; founded British Wolf Cubs 1916; wrote autobiography 'Lessons of a Lifetime' 1933 --------------------------- 3.75x6 page from a vintage British album bearing the signature of Field Marshal Roberts at the top, dated 1913, and below is a 1924 signature of Lord Robert Baden-Powell, founder of the Boy Scouts. 
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 Baden-Powell, Robert (1857-1941)