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Cardinal Alessandro Albani (1692-1779)  (Art.-No.: 13936 ) 

Letter signed on 18th century paper, 7.75x10.5 inch written by a secretary and dated 'Roma 8 Agosto 1744'. Addressed to 'Consoli di Cascia', signed by Cardinal Albani : 'Ill. Card. Albani'. No seal on this letter. 
Product description:
Became Cardinal under Pope Innocent XIII (1721-1724)). Birth. October 15, 1692, Urbino. Of a distinguished Italian family, descendant of refugees from Albania in the fifteenth century. Cousin of Pope Clement XI (1700-1721) and brother of Cardinal Annibale Albani (1711). Other cardinals of the Albani family include Gian Girolamo (1570), Gian Francesco (1747), and Giuseppe (1801). Education. (No information found). Early life. Member of the military brotherhood of justice of the Hopsital of San Giovanni di Gerusalemme, Rome, August 26, 1701. Colonel of a regiment of Dragons in the pontifical troops, 1707. Entered the ecclesiastical life at the request of Pope Clement XI and caused him many problems due to his worldly and undisciplined customs. Envoy, with his brother Carlo, to Bologna to welcome King Frederick IV of Denmark. Referendary of the Supreme Tribunal of the Apostolic Signature, 1718. Secretary of Memorial, December 8, 1718. Cleric of the Apostolic Chamber, May 10, 1719. Sent to Vienna to conclude the negotiations for the restitution of Comacchio, 1720. Cardinalate. Created cardinal deacon in the consistory of July 16, 1721; granted dispensation to be promoted to the cardinalate having a brother in the Sacred College of Cardinals and not having received the minor orders, July 16, 1721; received the red hat and the deaconry of S. Adriano, September 24, 1721. Granted dispensation to receive the sacred orders outside of Ember days and without time intervals, August 2, 1721. Received the subdiaconate, December 20, 1721. Opted for the deaconry of S. Maria in Cosmedin, September 23, 1722. Participated in the conclaves of 1724, 1730, and 1740. Abbot commendatario of Nonantola, 1730. Opted for the deaconry of S. Agata in Suburra, retaining in commendam until his death the deaconry of S. Maria in Cosmedin. Opted for the deaconry of S. Maria ad Martyres, March 11, 1743. Opted for the deaconry of S. Maria in Via Lata, April 10, 1747. Cardinal protodeacon. Minister of Austria before the Holy See, 1756 until his death. Participated in the conclave of 1758. Librarian of the Holy Roman Church, August 12, 1761 until his death. Participated in the conclaves of 1769, and 1774-1775. A patron of arts, he built Villa Albani, 1760, and filled it with Roman and Greek art works. Since the pontificate of Pope Clement XIV he aligned himself with the zelanti against the interference of the European monarchs. Death. December 11, 1779. Exposed in the church of S. Lorenzo in Lucina, Rome, where the funeral took place. Transferred privately to the church of S. Sebastiano fuori le mura, Rome, and buried in his family's tomb.  
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Cardinal Alessandro Albani (1692-1779)

Cardinal Alessandro Albani (1692-1779)