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Afghanistan Abdul Qadir Dagarwal 1944-  (Art.-No.: 18521 ) 

letter signed, 6.5x8.5 inch, dated '3.July 1978' 
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A colonel, was the leader of the Afghan Air Force squadrons that attacked the Radio-TV Station during the 1978 Coup that started the Saur Revolution. Ironically, he also participated in the 1973 Coup that created the Daoud Republic of Afghanistan under the Presidency of Mohammad Daoud Khan. He served as the leader of the country for 3 days, when the People's Democratic Party of Afghanistan took power and declared the foundation of the Democratic Republic of Afghanistan. Defence Minister of Afghanistan May 1978 August 1978 and 1982 December 1986. 
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 Afghanistan Abdul Qadir Dagarwal 1944-