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Kujau Konrad (1938-2000)  (Art.-No.: 9935 ) 

TLS in Hitler's handwriting, encl. Gerd Heinemann 
Product description:
German forger (b. June 27, 1938, Löbau, Ger.—d. Sept. 12, 2000, Stuttgart, Ger.), achieved notoriety when a 60-volume set of diaries purported to be those of Adolf Hitler, which he had sold (1983) to Stern magazine for $4.8 million, was revealed as a hoaxa forgery he himself had created a few days following the publication of the first volume.------------------ Lettter written in Adolf Hitler's handwriting, same writing as the forged diaries of Hitler, signed with Hitler's forged signature of Kujau and countersigned as Kujau. Enclosed is a card by German journalist Gerd Heidemann, who found the diaries and sold it to Spiegel magazine ! Also enclosed is a handwritten card by Kujau mentioning the letter. 
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 Kujau Konrad (1938-2000)